Social Impact Partnerships


Our Commitment


What we're doing

ThoughtExchange provides its engagement and survey platform to select nonprofits, charities, grassroots coalitions, and Indigenous-led organizations to accelerate their goals and achieve their missions of social and environmental good.

We recognize that bringing people together to scale conversations in an inclusive and anti-biased way can only be done by providing these groups access to our platform.

To qualify, you must be a nonprofit, charity, grassroots coalition, or Indigenous group, with your mission and mandate focused on climate action and/or Indigenous reconciliation.

Climate action

We recognize that climate change is a fundamental issue that requires communities to learn, act and grow together. Recognizing the diverse ways groups can approach this, we support groups working on climate action that aligns with any environment-related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
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Indigenous reconcilliation

To build a better world, we need conversations that create meaningful actions that speak to truth and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples (including First Nations, Métis, Inuit, and Indian nations). We are delighted to support Indigenous-led and non-Indigenous groups aligning with United Sustainable Development goals in this area.
Image SDG Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities Image

Our Approach


Free use of our platform

We provide you with up to five licenses and training on our engagement and survey platform.

Supporting your success

Complex systems change doesn’t happen without a community of support. As needed and requested, we will connect you with other Social Impact Partners achieving similar goals using ThoughtExchange.

Celebrating your wins

Our mission is to support you as if your goals are our own. When you’re ready to celebrate your achievements, we’ll share them with our community, giving your organization exposure to our network across Canada and the US.

Organizations we're supporting

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Call for applications

We’re launching our first call for applications into our Social Impact Partnerships program!

We’re welcoming applications from nonprofits, charities, grassroots coalitions and Indigenous groups* that:

  • Actively work in climate action and/or anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • Have a clear need to engage large communities to inform new organizational, mission-critical strategies or decisions; and,
  • Have at least 10 employees and make under $50 million in annual revenue

* Indigenous groups refers to any non-Crown organization (government, for-profit or non-profit) that is majority Indigenous-led.

Get More Details
Before you apply, we highly recommend that you attend our virtual event to hear more about this program and determine if this opportunity is the right fit for your organization. Applicants that have attended this virtual event or have booked 1:1 time with us will be prioritized in our decision-making.
Register Now

When you’re ready, you can apply using this form below before October 15 at 11:50pm Pacific Time.


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