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Q:What behavior changes will have the biggest impact on shifting our decision making and delegation culture?

When it comes to measuring the success of corporate learning, Dessalen Wood’s key metric is that staff are taking away a key theme that sticks and becomes part of the corporate culture. But traditionally, that hasn’t been an easy target to hit.

“People love their live training,” Wood says. “The problem is, two weeks later everyone goes back to their way of doing things and the conversation dies. Traditional training ends with a feedback sheet. It’s just a snapshot in time that doesn’t demonstrate what really stuck.”

Wood first used ThoughtExchange as a way to follow up on learning sessions aimed at decentralizing decision making and delegation across the company’s 165 offices.

“With ThoughtExchange, instead of doing a traditional ‘Did you enjoy the course?’ we actually asked people ‘What are some things we need to do in our culture to make this program stick?’” Wood shares. “It’s not just a one-time thing. ThoughtExchange keeps going over a period of a week or 10 days. Everybody’s writing in and checking to see how many stars their thought got. In that, we’re getting that stickiness, that interaction and that buy-in.”

After the exchange closed, Wood shared a report that showed what was most important to everyone in priority order. It also included leadership’s responses to the top thoughts.

“I get to share the Top Thoughts and what the organization is going to do to address them,” Wood says. “We had to be courageous and make some decisions about meeting attendance. With ThoughtExchange, we had a real discussion as an organization about things we need to change.”

With ThoughtExchange, we had a real discussion as an organization about things we need to change.Dessalen Wood — Vice President, Talent Development

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