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Transforming leadership summit facilitation

Facilitating conversations around challenging topics is what Dr. Bill Brennan does. As Assistant Superintendent for Innovation and Organizational Development, Dr. Brennan leads the annual Long Island Connected Educators Summit.

In recent years Farmingdale has invited students to join panel discussions aimed at sharing ideas and innovations in education. But there’s always been something missing for Dr. Brennan.

“One of the toughest things for me as a facilitator is to home in and be present during really deep conversations,” Dr. Brennan says.

ThoughtExchange allowed him to transform this difficult facilitation juggling act into new opportunities for even deeper and richer conversations. Here’s how. Prior to this year’s summit in March, he used ThoughtExchange to ask attendees this question: Why, how and what must schools do to prepare kids for their future and real-world challenges?

Top Thoughts from this exchange helped Dr. Brennan and the attendees to co-create the narrative and set the stage for powerful discussions. It also allowed him to be fully present and engaged.

“As I listened to panelists speak, I got a chance to really jump on some ideas and connect back to ideas and thoughts that were shared before the event,” Dr. Brennan explains. “It also helped to make sure that in a short period of time I was driving the narrative in a direction that our participants really desired. My objective was to create laser-like focus around the emerging narrative while tapping into the voices of our attendees and panelists. Having ThoughtExchange empowered me as a facilitator.”

He adds Farmingdale is planning to build on the 2019 summit success by using ThoughtExchange as a virtual venue for other important school district conversations.

“ThoughtExchange played a huge role in this special day in Farmingdale,”
Dr. Brennan says.

Q: Why, how and what must schools do to prepare kids for their future and real-world challenges?

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