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Q:What are the most important legislative action(s)
that you want to focus on moving forward?

Teachers across the state of Oklahoma recently walked out of schools for two weeks to secure additional government funding for public education. When they came back to work, Norman Public Schools' leadership team wanted to know how they could continue to support teachers in their advocacy efforts.

“Our district sent a delegation of about 100 teachers to the capitol every day following the walkout, even though school was back in session,” says Dr. Shirley Simmons, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at Norman.

“On the very first day they went back to the capitol, we met with all those teachers, and we used ThoughtExchange to get their thoughts about what they needed for closure and what strategies they felt like we needed to employ in our delegation over the coming weeks before the legislature closed.

“We were able to ask a question of that group and get lots of input about what their needs were, what they felt the strategy needed to be, and really find out what ideas rose to the top.”

By learning what mattered most to the teachers, the district was able to more effectively support them as they continued their work with the legislature.

“ThoughtExchange helped us move forward because it helped to clarify what most of the group was thinking,” Dr. Simmons says. “You always have a few outliers who have something to say that nobody else values. By using ThoughtExchange, they don’t become necessarily the only ones you hear from because you’re hearing from everyone.”

ThoughtExchange helped us move forward because it helped to clarify what most of the group was thinking.Dr. Shirley Simmons,
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

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