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87% of employees aren’t fully satisfied with their employee experience*. Don’t be this statistic. Build better EX with ThoughtExchange.

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Take control of employee experience data

Our patented analytics help you quickly assess and streamline data to spot trends and provide actionable insights. No more swimming in data, losing the nuance, and missing key ideas.

Discover what your workforce needs

Get an accurate, unbiased picture of what your workforce supports and needs. Anonymous sharing and randomized peer-to-peer rating mean participants avoid bias—and so do you.

Make transparent decisions

Involve your employees in the strategies that impact them. Easily share the insights behind the actions, and increase their investment in the outcomes.

Onboard with ease

Provide a better employee experience on day one by onboarding new employees quickly and sustainably. Accelerate ramp time, reduce churn, and give new leaders a head start.

Encourage diverse opinions

Unlike pre-populated surveys, ThoughtExchange gives you access to a broader, more diverse range of perspectives when it comes to your employee experience challenges.

“The Exchange platform allows us to just gather so much information so quickly, so efficiently, and so effectively. I’m not aware of another tool available that does that!”

Mark Jenkins
Vice President, Human Resources, Logicalis

“When new leaders join the company, we always recommend they do an Exchange [to] gain key insights about issues they may never have known about. This sets leaders up to succeed in their new roles, right out of the gate."

Arlette Watwood
Manager, Talent Management Performance & Employee Experience, WestJet

“ThoughtExchange is an essential hybrid-remote tool that accelerates our ability to deliver on our most important business priorities.”

Brian McGarvey
CHRO - US & Canada, GE Healthcare
Build an EX that drives results.
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* Source: Gartner, 2019