Don’t Just Measure Workplace Culture, Build It

Your annual engagement survey may give you high-level stats to identify problems, but not the depth you need to make meaningful change. Take employee engagement a step further by asking the important questions, amplifying employee voices, and co-creating a culture your team can be proud of.
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Have equitable, transparent conversations

When you ask employees to tell you—and each other—what matters to them in their own words, not only are you getting honest feedback from the group, you’re also creating a culture of two-way conversation and trust.

Using ThoughtExchange, leaders can:

  • Get honest, anonymous insights from every voice, in any language
  • Evaluate ideas on merit, without hierarchical pressure or judgment
  • Access the thoughts of diverse and historically underrepresented groups without bias
  • Engage people in the decisions that affect them to build support
  • Get real-time people analytics from qualitative data

Here’s how our customers are using ThoughtExchange to measure & build culture


Human Resources

A major international airline used ThoughtExchange to inform and completely redesign its performance management framework. Hundreds of employees told the team what they needed, and gave feedback again when an initial policy proposal was presented. They implemented the new policy with overwhelming support in record time.

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A global software company CMO asked over 300 marketing employees to identify the training they needed to achieve their strategic goals. Using these insights, the CMO worked with HR to provide those opportunities and build a culture of continuous learning and development.

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A franchise-operated fast food chain was experiencing high growth, but had difficulty attracting and retaining frontline employees. Using ThoughtExchange to get feedback from employees, each franchise owner identified and prioritized changing or updating policies that were negatively impacting retention and revenue growth at their specific locations.

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Hybrid Success

Quickly consult your team or entire organization and gain nuanced insights to run an effective and efficient hybrid workplace. Cut down on endless meetings and fosters inclusion and innovation.

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Talent & Culture Insights

Help each person contribute fully to the business. Co-create authentic employer branding with the people who bring it to life. Develop a culture that truly understands what the best talent needs—and acts on it.

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Use ThoughtExchange to:


Gather stakeholder input for the strategic plan. Access diverse voices and innovative ideas while creating buy-in and credibility for the strategic direction.

Refine & Align

Present the plan to the stakeholders so everyone’s on the same page. Leaders may choose to ask for additional insight into the plan, and refine as needed.

Measure & Reflect

Collect feedback from stakeholders on the strategy as you progress toward the KPIs, and adjust or pivot accordingly.


Implement the strategy. Leaders may choose to do deep dives with specific teams or departments to identify barriers or innovate tactics.

Build employee experience

It’s time for leaders to think about EX the same way they do UX—an agile and responsive environment that provides value and engagement. See how ThoughtExchange is helping leaders build better EX by including employees in the culture and strategy decisions that affect them.


Empower employee voice

By gathering employee insights, anonymously and without bias, your employees can provide the candid feedback you need to make real change happen. Employees who see companies taking action on surveys are nearly twice as engaged at work.


Attract and retain top talent

Employees want to feel like leadership is taking their perspective into account in both the daily decisions and the overall mission of their organization. To keep the top talent that you’ve spent time and money recruiting, you need to have systems in place to not just to hear employee voice, but also act on it.


Make data-driven talent decisions

Your existing employee engagement survey may be giving you a benchmark comparison, but how deep does that data go? Our AI-powered analytics dive deeper and get to your employees’ priorities in minutes, so you can make better people-centered decisions, faster.

"In our Exchange on fostering belonging, one area highlighted for improvement was to have better two-way conversations across the company, and not just within siloed departments. You’ll be pleased to hear that one of the recommendations put forward was that ThoughtExchange is used more frequently as part of our active listening strategy."– CHRO of a major financial institution

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