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Whether engaging the public or employees—navigating change and feedback can be an uphill battle. Overcome public sector challenges with an engagement platform that gets higher participation, more nuanced data, and increased community trust.
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Trusted by leaders of the world’s most advanced public & nonprofit organizations


An award-winning platform for public sector decision-making

ThoughtExchange saves time and resources on expensive consulting hours and analyzing comment boxes, all while facilitating better outcomes. Use it to create alignment and make strategic, operational, or cultural decisions by quickly pinpointing the actions your community can get behind.

Strategic alignment and implementation
Policy and decision making
Employee experience and retention
Infrastructure, assets, capital projects planning
Budget alignment

An award-winning platform for public sector governance

ThoughtExchange is the most trusted engagement and survey platform for public sector leaders. Use it to connect with your constituents, create alignment and support for community initiatives, and solve your most complex and pressing problems.

  • Manage change
  • Engage and build trust with your community
  • Make supported budget decisions
  • Find common ground on divisive issues
Encourage broad and meaningful participation from across your community
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“ThoughtExchange has complimented, even changed, the way we engage with our residents. Since Covid, our in-person meetings haven’t seen a return to the attendance we had before the pandemic. That—combined with the fact that not everyone can attend a night meeting due to family obligations, night jobs, and other factors—had us looking for ways we could enhance engagement opportunities. ThoughtExchange helps us meet the community where they are at, allowing folks to give their true thoughts, on their schedule.”

Reyne TellesChief Communications Officer, City of Fort Worth

The right method for the right data

We’re a leader in the engagement space, consolidating quantitative and qualitative data gathering and analysis in one platform so you can focus on taking action. Our engagement methods get greater participation and better results than in-person meetings alone, enabling participants to share their true perspectives on their own schedules.
ExchangesQualitative interactive conversations and participant-prioritized data
SurveysAdvanced quantitative and qualitative survey capabilities
InterviewsPrivate, one-on-one AI-powered interviews at scale

The Future of Community Engagement in the Public Sector

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Employee Retention for Public Sector Organizations

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The benefits of being a ThoughtExchange partner


Award-winning customer support

Our Customer Support Managers are some of the best in the industry. From day one with us, you’ll have a dedicated CSM to help you with training, planning, and executing your engagements. No chatbots, no forums—just real humans who want your engagement initiatives to succeed.


Cutting edge data security

We maintain compliance standards aligned with industry best practices, regulatory, federal/state rulings, international/regional laws, and industry-specific requirements, including WCAG, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2, and Cloud Security Alliance Star Registrant compliance. Read our full Security policy here.


Embrace AI innovation

ThoughtExchange’s AI tools aim to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your work by providing instant summaries and responding to custom prompts—getting you the data you need to plan and communicate next steps. When it comes to data itself, our proprietary closed AI model can only access what your community provides, doesn’t store or own any data, and is protected with robust security measures. Finally, a safe way for the public sector to use AI.

A new way to survey
Ready for fast, in-depth community engagement? Get in touch to see how ThoughtExchange will transform the way you survey.