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Every enterprise leader needs a survey tool—but is that enough? What if leaders could access more diverse voices, extract more robust data, and get more comprehensive analysis faster? With ThoughtExchange, you can. Use the power of collective intelligence to efficiently and effectively achieve your strategy, performance, and culture goals.
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When to use ThoughtExchange

Just by asking the right questions, you can gain insights to align your organization on your most transformational changes, challenges, and opportunities.


Leverage employee voice where it really matters–to inform and align on your company’s strategic goals.


Achieve greater business efficiency by identifying opportunities to streamline and optimize operations.


Engage your team in equitable conversations to build an employee experience that reflects their diverse needs.


Align on a strategy that leverages employee expertise and experience for higher engagement and results.


Get the data you need to make better decisions, faster, using our AI-powered analytics.


Anonymous sharing ensures your decision-making reflects the diverse voices of your team, without hierarchy or bias.

ThoughtExchange in action


Implement more effective strategies

A global software company asked its entire organization what their priorities were for the coming year, and used those results to build informed HR, sales, marketing, and operations strategies that aligned to the teams and to each other. Does your strategy do that?

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Streamline for more efficient performance

Using ThoughtExchange, a major oil & gas producer identified 5 immediately actionable cost-cutting opportunities in just one day. What performance opportunities could you be missing out on?

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Build a more equitable culture

A global pharmaceutical company spoke to its team across 45 countries in 12 languages to develop an understanding of how to improve employee wellbeing and equity. What would your employees say about your culture?

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Hybrid Success

Quickly consult your team or entire organization and gain nuanced insights to run an effective and efficient hybrid workplace. Cut down on endless meetings and fosters inclusion and innovation.

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Talent & Culture Insights

Help each person contribute fully to the business. Co-create authentic employer branding with the people who bring it to life. Develop a culture that truly understands what the best talent needs—and acts on it.

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WestJet gets better employee insights with ThoughtExchange.

See how WestJet uses ThoughtExchange as their go-to tool to listen more carefully to their employees, improve their job satisfaction, and make a profound, lasting impact on their success.

Built for leaders to solve complex business problems, quickly.



Align on strategy to grow revenue. Build trust with your team and customers.



Align on strategy. Hone in on your opportunities. Get the best ideas from your team.



Make the home team happy first. Build a strong culture to help employees succeed.



Competing for talent, or struggling to retain it? Find out why, and how to fix it.


Get better data, faster

Surveys often limit participants to predetermined responses, and focus groups and 1:1s can take months to host for even a fraction of the team. ThoughtExchange is an efficient way to gather both depth and breadth of data, and quickly action the insights from that discussion.

  • Ask an open-ended question to get respondents’ insights and ideas in their own words
  • See how priorities rise to the top in real time as responses are rated
  • Reduce time spent gathering and understanding insights by 60% or more with AI-powered analytics


Take informed action for effective results

Getting input from employees is a win-win. You’ll get better insights from your team to build the strategy, and they’ll be more engaged to execute because they were involved in its development.

  • Use segmentation questions and themes to break down data and identify priorities
  • Discover differences and commonalities among groups and start breaking down silos
  • Highly aligned companies grow revenue 58% faster and are 72% more profitable than their misaligned counterparts.


Have equitable conversations, without bias

Since all thoughts are created equal in an Exchange, participants can rate thoughts based on merit, not hierarchy. Every voice is heard, thoughts are shared and rated anonymously, and the group’s priorities rise to the top.

  • Empower and understand diverse perspectives using our patented anti-bias software
  • Automate distribution and reminder communications through integrations with Outlook, Slack, and MS Teams
  • Converse and engage in over 100 languages with automatic translation capabilities

Your enterprise organization has challenges, and your people have the answers. All you have to do is ask.
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“The SAP Channel Development team used ThoughtExchange to surface actionable insights across their vast partner sales network. The team quickly drove alignment and focus on their highest value programs, growing revenue for SAP solutions within the channel.”

Summer RecchiDirector of Partner Enablement & Channel Development

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