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Get better outcomes for less money with ThoughtExchange Surveys. Unlike other survey products, ThoughtExchange gets you both nuanced qualitative and robust quantitative data with instant in-depth analysis, all in one platform. Run complex core surveys or get quick ad hoc data—no matter your survey needs, we’ve got the solution.
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Comprehensive engagement platform

A full suite for all your community and employee engagement needs

ThoughtExchange provides both qualitative and quantitative engagement tools to ensure fast, in-depth access to people’s feedback. Run surveys independently or combine them with our advanced qualitative engagement tool, Exchanges, for faster, more accurate results.
Use surveys to:
Run core feedback surveys for school climate or employee engagement
Collect benchmark comparisons while tracking and measuring improvements over time
Gather quality quantitative data for reporting to state agencies or funders
Identify outliers and trends across demographic groups

“Prior to ThoughtExchange, when we would do community surveys, we had someone who would spend almost two months processing, analyzing, and charting the data. We're saving weeks and weeks of work just because we have this platform.”

Dr. Michael Gomez, Ed.D.Former District Coordinator, Assessment, Accountability, & New Teacher Induction at Saddleback Valley Unified School District

More clarity with less lift

Efficiently gather and analyze participant perspectives to quickly and accurately inform decisions. Collect quantitative data with multiple survey question types, and qualitative comment box data—and watch as our lightning-fast AI tools analyze it all in seconds.

Our survey functionality enables fast, effective surveys for ad hoc engagement or more complex annual feedback initiatives, providing leaders with easy, actionable takeaways.

Get the insights you need with our survey plans:

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“ThoughtExchange has worked wonders for us. It allows us to engage not only with our campuses, not only with our employees, but our community as well. We love it. It’s a tool that we utilize weekly.”

Kimberly SimpsonChief of Communications at Lancaster Independent School District
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