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With so much riding on community support for district projects and funding, education leaders need a platform that will foster meaningful participation, provide faster, more nuanced data, and identify effective actions, instantly.
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ThoughtExchange supports the success of students across North America—find out how leaders in your region are using our platform.

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“We used ThoughtExchange for our district’s upcoming $152M bond election. Not only could participants ask questions and have the answers displayed in real-time on our website—but they could share thoughts and opinions. By addressing concerns head-on, the outcome of our bond vote was overwhelmingly positive, at 79% approval.”

Chris PayneChief Communication Officer

“Our district adopted a new strategic plan to guide the work of the district over the next five years, and we obtained unanimous approval from our board of directors for that strategic plan, in large part because we used ThoughtExchange to make sure that we had listened to the community and we invited them into the process.”

Stephen HallChief Communications Officer

“ThoughtExchange is a powerful platform that enables diverse perspectives to be shared and considered, leading to increased understanding among participants, more informed decision-making, and a positive environment for effective change. Our district has utilized it successfully in many ways, including for task force topics and staff satisfaction feedback.”

Amber Archer AcevedoDeputy Superintendent

“We gained valuable perspectives that didn’t get overshadowed by the over-represented responses, and in doing so changed our strategy with very little pushback from the community. I believe this is because they experience the feelings themselves by being in the Exchange. There just isn’t another platform that enables everyone to read and engage in other people’s thinking.”

Dr. Kevin McGowanSuperintendent

“Surveys in ThoughtExchange have been a game-changer. With the Survey piece, we don’t have to tie in another system like a Google form or SurveyMonkey in addition to our Exchanges. People are less willing to do two different surveys, so getting them engaged through one platform has been great.”

Sondra WhalenDirector of Student Programs and Communications

“As a new leader, I had to gain the community's trust. ThoughtExchange is a powerful tool that helped me get a lot of information from across the school district very quickly and bring that information back to my board so we could build training and develop our directional documents. We now have a strategic blueprint that will take us forward into the next three years.”

Dr. Diana SayavedraSuperintendent

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    ThoughtExchange supports all of your engagement programs in one platform. It’s robust enough for long-term core engagement efforts and agile enough for ad hoc feedback.
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    We prioritize privacy, security, and responsible AI in everything we do by meeting the highest compliance standards in the industry. We ensure the data your participants share is protected and private, and our proprietary AI analytics can only access the information you provide.
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    ThoughtExchange supports the success of students across North America.