The CHRO’s Guide to Organizational Change & Resilience

Download the guide and learn:
  • The 3 challenges in organizational transformation and change
  • 5 steps to organizational resilience and adaptability
  • How open source change management ensures success
  • And more…

See how leaders are managing change across their organizations

Today’s Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) operates in an environment of accelerated change. Navigating consistent market and societal disruptions requires executives to manage an increasing number of proactive and reactive initiatives to stay competitive. 

The pace of change has increased 400% since 2016, while employee support for change has decreased by 49%. Failed transformation initiatives account for nearly $1 trillion USD in wasted spend each year. 

This guide aims to show how current approaches to change management are increasing the chance of failure, how to increase workforce resiliency in the face of organizational change, and why managing change impact should be a top priority for CHROs.