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The market demands agility, and businesses need to be ready to pivot when needed. But informing priorities, building strategy, and streamlining processes can take months—driving up costs and lowering efficiency. What if you could develop more profitable and innovative strategies, all while speeding up the process? Boost your business efficiency with ThoughtExchange’s collective intelligence platform.


5 reasons you need collective intelligence for business efficiency


Align on strategy

67 percent of strategic plans fail because teams aren’t aligned around the priorities, actions, and outcomes. Get buy-in on new strategy before you execute and stay agile as you launch, measure, and iterate.

Accelerate your processes

Access a broader, more diverse range of perspectives for faster, less expensive, more effective results. Quickly consult your entire organization to gain nuanced insights–even in a hybrid workplace.

Understand all angles

Understand a complex discussion from all angles in real-time with our patented analytics. Streamline data and spot trends for actionable insights.

Make decisions that stick

Involve your people in the decisions that impact them to increase their investment in the outcomes. Easily share the insights behind the actions.

Reduce talent churn

Get employees to lean in instead of looking elsewhere. Involve them in developing your strategy to increase innovation, ensure buy-in, and give employees a common goal they can work toward.

Made for leaders of efficient, inclusive organizations.

ThoughtExchange is the only collective intelligence platform powered by patented anti-bias technology. Leaders use ThoughtExchange to leverage their people’s collective intelligence and quickly gain critical insights for effective decision-making.

Engage ten stakeholders or a community of 10,000 people to drive strategic discussions at scale. Unlike traditional surveys, respondents feel more comfortable answering questions candidly. Our dynamic analytics make it simple for leaders to see which topics matter most and act on them.

Here's How ThoughtExchange Works


Collect thoughts anonymously — leverage your people’s collective intelligence

  • Integrate your people with your strategy. Use our planning, scheduling, and analysis tools.
  • Pick your question and create an Exchange. Choose an open-ended question that aligns with your goals.
  • Share the link and hear from your group. People can participate from any device.


Harness collective intelligence in real-time

  • Run your Exchange in a live setting with Presenter Mode for instant results.
  • Share a link with participants, accessible at any time on any device.
  • Analyze the conversation as its happening with the platform’s built-in tools.


Take decisive, supported action with advanced analytics

  • Organize and understand responses with easy-to-use analytics tools.
  • Share the results and take supported action with automated reporting tools.
  • Replicate and repeat the process for a robust data set to cross-analyze within the product.

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