Announces New Partnership with ThoughtExchange to Foster Collaboration and Connection, Empowering Professionals

The partnership will bring about more engagement opportunities, community collaboration, and inclusive conversations at HR events, programs, and more.
June 29, 2020

Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada  –, the largest network of human resources (HR) executives and resource and education platform for HR, has announced their latest partnership with ThoughtExchange to bring about more engagement opportunities, community collaboration, and inclusive conversations at HR events, programs, and more.

ThoughtExchange’s innovative technology allows every person in the crowd to give input and be heard on various topics. Whether a presenter at a webinar or a virtual networking opportunity, attendees and participants of programs will have even more opportunities to connect to HR solution providers, voice their opinions, participate in polling, and take their virtual event experience to a whole new level.

ThoughtExchange works to bring people together and break the one-way communication of group settings that is typical of most event attendee experiences. They are committed to using their platform to address timely topics around current diversity and inclusion sensitivities and current events.

This goes hand-in-hand with’s mission, vision, and values, as they strive to bring meaningful, informative content and conversations to the HR community and help professionals also be a resource to each other.

Future attendees of webcasts, virtual events, and online networking opportunities can expect to advance their careers with opportunities for interactive education and information, live responses, communication, and feedback in real-time with their peers and fellow participants. 

“The partnership between and ThoughtExchange was a natural fit. reaches millions of HR professionals facilitating learning through their platform, and ThoughtExchange encourages these professionals to interact in real-time with both the speakers and each other, through the sharing and rating of thoughts,” stated Dess Wood, Chief People Officer at ThoughtExchange. “It feels great to be part of this vibrant, global HR community, encouraging the sharing of ideas and the learning that results from it.”

ThoughtExchange is taking part in and HRCI’s Inspire virtual event this week, showcasing their expertise at their virtual booth and sharing insights at two relevant sessions about the power of employee voice, collaboration and remote working tools.



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