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April 2, 2024 | Sarah Mathias | 3 minutes

Imagine you’re working to draft your strategic plan, understand staff experience, or make tough decisions for your organization. You’ll need your people’s input to succeed. But once you’ve identified your objectives and gathered feedback, what’s next?

Do you invest your time and money in weeks or months of organizing and analyzing the data, then figure out the next logical steps—and hope nothing about your original data has changed? Or do you turn to a platform that does it all for you instantly—so you meet your participants where they are now?

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At ThoughtExchange, we’ve used AI for over a decade to help our customers surface key thoughts and find common ground among their participants. Now, we’re leveraging recent AI advancements to put you on the cutting edge of data analysis.

Our AI-powered tool, Advisor, transforms how you work with your engagement data. With the limitless ability to act on Surveys, Exchanges, and Interviews, this innovative tool can help you analyze data more efficiently and effectively, improve your communications, and provide concrete actions for what matters most to your participants.

Ready to take your experience to the next level? Read on for three ways Advisor will transform your next engagement.

How Advisor works

From drafting press releases to creating SWOT analyses, our customers are thrilled with Advisor’s game-changing benefits.

Here’s how it works: Advisor leverages our secure integration with OpenAI. Once you’ve collected data with an engagement, it quickly analyzes the results. Next, leaders get an overview of their data analysis, as well as talking points and summaries, and can use custom or templated prompts to ask Advisor more questions or to dig into next steps. With the ability to share contextual information with Advisor to supplement its analysis, leaders get a nuanced and highly relevant analysis of their participants’ data—in minutes.

Our customers use Advisor to solve their challenges quickly and easily. Check out their initial feedback when we introduced them to Advisor—and how this AI tool is changing how they engage.


Faster, more effective data analysis

Advisor offers unparalleled qualitative data analysis. It increases your work’s efficiency and effectiveness by providing instant summaries and responding to custom prompts—getting you the data you need to plan and communicate the next steps.

Unlike OpenAI, our proprietary AI only accesses the data your participants provide, ensuring the results are on point and targeted to your specific situation and needs. Of course, we protect all your data with robust security measures.

Advisor can create a SWOT analysis from engagement results almost instantly. When our customers gave us feedback on Advisor’s analysis features, here’s what they shared:

“This is exactly what I need. This is what I’m spending my time on with our LCAP.”
“[Advisor] takes all of that real massaging from the data and puts it in a usable format. It takes all of the work out of it.”
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Improved communications

Advisor surfaces instant summaries, key themes, and talking points for engagement results. It also features an interactive AI chat function that answers custom and templated prompts explicitly based on your engagement data so that you can create informed, effective PR and external communications.

Advisor can customize your suggested talking points depending on the audience—more formal for a board presentation, or more casual for a community or staff report. By adding context about your audience, Advisor can further refine its communications.

Here’s one customer’s feedback on the way Advisor improved their communications:

“Really impressed with the Talking Points and the messaging tone scale (friendly, professional, fun). Really impressed with the Ask the Advisor prompts and results.”

Innovative, concrete actions on results

Advisor provides limitless ability to further action engagement data in seconds—whether producing short or long-form reports, making recommendations for next steps and actions, or expanding on results in many ways. With its limitless analysis ability, Advisor will enable you to take action on your data in new and innovative ways.

When prompted, Advisor provides action items to implement immediately—here’s what one customer had to say about the results:

“This is something that we are seeking that our current toolset does not offer. That’s substantial.”

New in Advisor Beta

We’re not resting on our laurels with our exceptional AI analysis tool—we’re continuously improving it to bring even more depth to your data. Here’s what’s new in Advisor:

  • Use-case-specific suggested prompts to streamline the analysis workflow and help with next steps.
  • An improved chat interface means no more prompt engineering stress.
  • A new Context tool so you can share background information with Advisor for insights specific to your organization.
  • Analyze any data point in your engagement, including your quantitative data. Get summaries and insights to find the key challenges and identify groups asking for improvements.

Take your engagement to the next level with ThoughtExchange

Whether you’re tackling district strategy or improving community engagement and decision-making—ThoughtExchange has the solution.

Efficiently gather and analyze participant perspectives to inform decisions quickly and accurately. Easily collect both quantitative and qualitative data—and watch as our lightning-fast AI tool, Advisor, analyzes it all in seconds, improving communication and providing key action items for next steps.

Advisor gets you lightning-fast solutions so you can act now.
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