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ThoughtExchange surveys get you better outcomes for less money. Use our multi-modal platform to collect qualitative and quantitative data and leverage instant AI-powered analysis to move the needle on your most pressing issues. Here’s how.
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March 8, 2024

Sarah Mathias

How ThoughtExchange Surveys Transform Your Engagement

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As the leading AI-accelerated engagement and experience platform, we’ve evolved how our customers engage.

From ensuring K-12 leaders nail down district-serving strategies and helping executives leverage employee ownership to achieve their goals, to facilitating community engagement for more inclusive municipal decisions—we’re proud of our impact.

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While we’re known for our qualitative engagement tool, Exchanges, we’re leading in the engagement space by making surveys available in the same ThoughtExchange platform.

Our customers use our surveys to:


Run core feedback surveys for school climate or employee engagement


Collect benchmark comparisons while tracking and measuring improvements over time


Gather quality quantitative data for reporting to state agencies or funders


Identify outliers and trends across demographic groups

With ThoughtExchange, you can turn your data into meaningful, actionable insights in just seconds—and make better, more informed decisions to solve your most pressing problems.

Why our surveys stand out from the competition

Better engagement experience

When it comes to survey technology, you’ve got options. But to meet your objectives and get your desired results, you need to ensure you’re using a platform that delivers meaningful engagement.

Standard surveys can be tedious for participants. Many people feel like their feedback isn’t heard or considered—and that it doesn't affect change. This can lead to survey fatigue and apathy.

At ThoughtExchange, we’ve made our surveys interactive—inviting participants to share the nuance and details behind their answers. A more engaging survey experience means less survey fatigue and participant drop-off. You’ll gain higher participation, more nuanced data, and increased community trust.

“There are survey products I’ve used in other districts that are more cumbersome, and so people didn’t really utilize them. Using ThoughtExchange is really easy!”
Dr. Grenita Lathan, Superintendent, Springfield Public Schools

Dive into the data, quickly

ThoughtExchange gives a narrative to the numbers and a voice to the data—providing fast, transparent, and trustworthy engagement. While other platforms get you the what, ThoughtExchange gets you the what, why, and how.

While we offer all the checkbox functionality you’re looking for from a survey product, our surveys aren’t one size fits all. ThoughtExchange surveys provide the ease of a quantitative survey setup, with a choice of complimentary qualitative data-gathering methods, so you get the full picture of your data.

Use comment boxes in your surveys without worrying about burying your team in spreadsheets—our AI-powered analytics sort and summarize comment box responses in seconds. Use Deep Dive questions to add another layer of specificity to their answers, by incorporating quick, responsive AI interviews to survey questions when you need a deeper understanding.

ThoughtExchange surveys make it simple to gather nuanced qualitative data and robust quantitative data to inform your priorities and actions–in real time.

“The capacity to gain feedback, allow interaction between participants, and the variety of formats to analyze and present the data make ThoughtExchange a very powerful tool.”
Ashlee Chiarito Bourdasse, Executive Officer, State and Federal Programs, Fresno Unified School District
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Outcomes over admin

The ThoughtExchange platform helps you prioritize outcomes and spend less time on administration. Before you imagine your team spending weeks trying to identify what’s most important to your participants—we’ve got that covered.

ThoughtExchange surveys leverage advanced comparison, allowing you to quickly and easily compare survey responses so you can better understand your demographic groups.

With our Advisor tool, custom prompts allow you to dig into your data in seconds, as our proprietary generative AI combs through your data and instantly pulls summaries and insights you can use.

The goal of every ThoughtExchange survey is to get you to action steps, faster. Our surveys are designed for leaders who want to understand their people’s priorities quickly, easily, and accurately—and for research professionals who want to dive deeper in an agile and flexible way.

ThoughtExchange helps large organizations that rely on advanced quantitative and qualitative research deliver on their promises to staff, constituents, and customers.

“Surveys in ThoughtExchange have been a game-changer. With the Survey piece, we don’t have to tie in another system like a Google form or SurveyMonkey in addition to our Exchanges.”

Sondra Whalen, Director of Student Programs and Communications,
Vernon-Verona Sherrill Central School District, New York

Here are a few ways we compare to the competition

Status quo/The competition


Survey fatigue → low participation, high drop-off
Engaging engagement → multiple languages, responsive branching, deep dives, ensure personalized experience
Rigid design → limited qualitative research modes, tedious impersonal format
Agile, multi-methods → context-specific quantitative/qualitative engagement methods ensure community feels heard
Delayed data → slow quantitative data delivery, required follow-up research

Real-time, comprehensive results → qualitative/quantitative engagement
unifies what, why, how of critical priorities

Complex analysis tools → complicated data interface, time-consuming dashboards
AI-powered conversational analysis → automatic AI reporting & Advisor democratize data analysis
One-dimensional insights → limited insights into sentiment & demographic data
Precise, multifaceted insights → AI Advisor provides nuanced answers to complex questions for confident decisions

Transform your engagement with ThoughtExchange

Whether you’re tackling district strategy or improving community engagement and decision-making—ThoughExchange has the solution.

Efficiently gather and analyze participant perspectives to inform decisions quickly and accurately. Collect quantitative data with multiple survey question types and qualitative comment box data—and watch as our lightning-fast AI tools analyze it all in seconds.

Get clear, actionable takeaways to move the needle on your most pressing issues with ThoughtExchange.

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Sarah Mathias
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