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2023 has been a challenging and productive year for our K-12 customers. ThoughtExchange has helped them engage their communities to tackle their most pressing issues. Find out how.
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January 9, 2024

Sarah Mathias

How K-12 Leaders Engaged Their Communities in 2023—And What It Revealed

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2023 has been a productive year for our K-12 customers. They’ve worked hard to engage their communities in meaningful, impactful conversations—and we’re proud that our platform has helped them drive positive change in their districts.

To date, we’ve worked with nearly 10 thousand educational leaders representing more than 12 million students across North America, as well as large public and corporate organizations. With their critical input, ThoughtExchange has become the leading AI-accelerated engagement and survey platform.

Our advanced AI technology, surveys, Exchanges, and interviews help education leaders optimize their community engagement, school climate surveys, bond initiatives, and more.

Read on to learn about our key impacts in 2023. See what’s top-of-mind for education leaders and how they’ve used our platform to elevate community voice, make informed, effective decisions, and tackle their most pressing issues.

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Key impacts

Our K-12 customers get better outcomes and save time and money with ThoughtExchange. Quantitative survey data and nuanced qualitative data with instant in-depth analysis—all in one platform—help them achieve their district goals.

We’re thrilled that they’ve put our platform to good use in 2023—and proud of the key impacts we’ve achieved together:


Engaged 850k+ people in districts representing over 7 million students

Helped 132 customers pass 213 bonds
Facilitated over $24 billion in bonds
With ThoughtExchange, K-12 Leaders included more diverse voices and got more engagement on the topics that matter in their districts.

Top-of-mind topics

With issues like post-pandemic academic recovery, school safety, retention, and parents’ rights at the forefront of community conversations, 2023 has been a challenging year for K-12 leaders.

To address these often divisive issues, our customers used ThoughtExchange to identify common-ground solutions and plan strategically and effectively.

Our Exchange and survey data reveal the topics that were top of mind for our education customers in 2023.

Here’s how they ranked:



# of engagements


Strategic planning



Culture & climate



Decision making



Professional development



Leader onboarding & transitions


What our customers had to say

From strategic planning challenges to leader onboarding and transitions, our education customers were happy to get tangible, actionable insights with ThoughtExchange.
“We can say to the community, not only did we hear you, not only did we respond to you and build a strategic plan around this, but you can literally find your own language in here to show the work that we’re doing.”Dr. Quintin Shepherd, Superintendent, Victoria ISD
“There are survey products I’ve used in other districts that are more cumbersome, and so people didn’t really utilize them. Using ThoughtExchange is really easy! I can create Exchanges myself, and I’m able to immediately see my community’s feedback and act on it.”Dr. Grenita Lathan, Superintendent, Springfield Public Schools
“ThoughtExchange allows us to provide buy-in opportunities for individuals that have been sitting on the sidelines, feeling like their voice didn't matter. Now they have a more active role in the process and not only share their feedback, but also interact with feedback from others.”Scott Harvey, Chief Communications Officer, St. Charles CUSD
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AI in education

With AI disrupting industries across the board and driving us to re-evaluate the future of work and education, it’s no surprise that AI has been a hot topic for education leaders in 2023.

Our K-12 customers have used ThoughtExchange to understand their community’s thoughts and insights on safely integrating AI. Here are some of the most pressing questions they’ve asked their communities—and the top-rated responses.

What do you believe are the most important issues we need to be discussing and addressing about conversational AI and ChatGPT?

First and foremost, safety and security need to determine authenticity. The potential for misinformation claiming to be from a trusted source could have very serious implications in various ways.

We need to understand how it works to make it a positive tool for all. We do not need to treat it like the original cell phone experience. Since we can't control it, we can control how and when we use it.

Proper Education. Students will face this technology throughout life—we need to prepare them to use it ethically.

Do recent developments in Artificial Intelligence, like ChatGPT, excite you, alarm you, or give you hope?

Alarmed—students are inclined to "take the easy way" in work completion. Utilizing AI as a constructive tool for self-assessment and as a learning tool requires a level of academic maturity and understanding that is tough.

The line between unique student work and AI-generated or modified writing is getting blurred. Plagiarism has become much more complicated for students and teachers to define, identify, and avoid/prevent.

Truly, all three answers! The potential for accessibility, creativity, & productivity is endless. On the flip side, so is the potential for negativity. AI isn't new. What is new are the current innovative uses that are changing at an accelerated pace. It is critical educators understand *all* of it.

How do you plan to use ChatGPT to improve your teaching after considering the examples we discussed and the ones you've experimented with?

I used ChatGPT to create a skit on Italian Unification that we performed in class. It can generate new and engaging ways to reach students and involve them in learning.

AI will become ubiquitous in teaching and learning, and I want to consider the ethical ramifications with my colleagues. Educators need to be responsibly adaptive.

Use it to develop grading rubrics. It's important because it gives me back time that I didn't have before.

These informative Exchange results reveal that educators are both trepidatious and excited about AI in schools. While they can see its potential for innovation in teaching and learning and view it as a way to save time on mundane tasks, they also recognize the importance of educating students and staff to ensure safety, security, and authenticity.

AI is here to stay, so it makes sense to learn to work with it, not against it. And K-12 leaders need insights from their educational partners to do that safely and effectively. Use ThoughtExchange to hear from your staff and community as you figure out how to work with ChatGPT and other AI technologies in your district.

Want to read more about the impact of AI in education? Get more insights here.

Problem-solving in 2024 and beyond

Despite the many challenges, our K-12 partners have made remarkable progress in 2023. And by providing a comprehensive all-in-one engagement and survey platform, we’re excited to be an essential part of the solution.

Whatever issues you’re tackling in 2024, we’re here to help. Learn how we can engage your community to find effective solutions in 2024 and beyond.

Here’s to another year of inclusive problem-solving!

Watch the video to see ThoughtExchange’s 2023 highlights

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