March 31, 2022

Sarah Mathias

Employees Are Leaving Because They Feel Ignored – Here’s What to Do About It

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It’s year three of the pandemic. And more than ever, leaders need to focus on retaining the people who have been with them throughout the crisis. While employers may understand the devastating costs of employee turnover, employees continue to leave their workplaces. 

Practices like increasing salaries or paid time off don’t cut it in today's climate. Instead, leaders need to shift their retention strategies towards a longer-term holistic approach. So while we’ve talked about how flexibility is a top priority for both employees and employers and shared how leaders can give (and receive) unbiased feedback, there’s more.

ThoughtExchange’s CEO, Dave McLeod, who works directly with people leaders from top organizations worldwide, gets into it in an interview with Protocol.

Protocol asked: Executives have spent the past two years listening, and workers have spent the last two years talking, but what comes next?

Check out the key takeaways!

What comes after the company survey? Encourage back and forth, mutually beneficial interactions with teams instead of relying solely on traditional surveys. Incorporate technologies that allow you to facilitate real-time, unbiased conversations across thousands of people. Then use that fresh, relevant, and valuable collective intelligence to drive meaningful action and dialogue with your entire team. 

Ask your people to weigh in on business strategy in highly inclusive ways. Remember that anybody who works for the business has value and the right to share their perspective—and will most likely provide value in doing so. 

Listening means hearing—but critically, it also means taking action. Businesses have troves of data and open-ended survey results, but not usually organized so they can either take action or describe to their people why they didn’t take action. This results in employees feeling ignored, despite our best efforts.

Of course, ThoughtExchange—the only discussion management platform powered by patented anti-bias technology—can help leaders do this. Although the Great Resignation is still happening,  leaders who develop empathy as a critical skill and strategy for 2022 might just see a “Retention Revolution” emerge. 
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By tapping into all of the authentic voices of their team members, leaders can begin to understand what their people need and want. By uncovering insights and providing solutions, they can help their employees feel better heard and valued, creating better alignment with their current workplace. 

Want to know more? You can read Dave’s full Protocol interview here. And get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how the ThoughtExchange platform can work for you.

Sarah Mathias
Sarah discovered her love of words when she penned her first journal in grade 4—she hasn’t stopped writing since. With a BA in Sociology and an MPC in International/Intercultural Communication, Sarah honed her corporate writing skills in the travel insurance and fashion industries before working with ThoughtExchange. She brings her collaborative spirit and commitment to antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion, along with her penchant for grammar jokes.

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