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February 22, 2024

Catherine Daly

3 ThoughtExchange Features That Will Transform Public Sector Engagement

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In the public sector, the importance of listening to the voices of our communities cannot be overstated. At ThoughtExchange, we advocate for this principle and actively practice it. We are dedicated to listening to our valued public sector customers and continually striving to lead the way in developing and providing the technology and tools necessary to enhance community engagement.

We work with many public sector organizations throughout North America—from state and local government to public sector services like hospitals, schools, and police departments—so we have accumulated a substantial database of insights to draw from.

We are thrilled to introduce several new generative AI capabilities and key features to address the most urgent requirements of our public sector customers, including:

  • Enhanced efficiency in data collection and analysis,
  • More inclusive and transparent community engagement, and
  • A reduced need—and budget—for multiple engagement tools.

These features are seamlessly integrated into our all-in-one engagement and survey platform, offering you a comprehensive solution that enables multiple engagement approaches and consolidates your data for in-depth analysis—all conveniently located in a single platform.

Read on to learn about our new Generative AI tools and our new engagement method, ThoughtExchange Surveys.

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Gain better insights, faster

AI is not a recent addition to our toolkit—ThoughtExchange has been using AI for years to help our public sector customers identify themes within their data and foster consensus among participants. However, we are now capitalizing on recent advancements in AI technology to introduce even more powerful data analysis and a secure integration with OpenAI.

You may already be familiar with generative AI tools such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, a predictive AI that taps into a vast database to deliver responses and engage in natural, conversational interactions with humans.

With Advisor, you can converse with your data using prompts, like you would with ChatGPT. Unlike ChatGPT, Advisor only pulls its data from what your participants share (not the internet at large), making the insights it generates in real-time critically relevant and actionable for your constituents.

ThoughtExchange’s adaptation of generative AI technology allows public sector leaders to:

  • Gain immediate access to validated insights and key conversations
  • Instantly understand what's most important to participants and how to act on it
  • Get specific action items based on strategic focus areas
  • Tailor messaging to a specific group of participants
  • Generate more accurate AI theming, analysis, and reports

ThoughtExchange's latest array of AI tools is now accessible to all our public sector customers through our live Beta.

By exploring several different aspects of the initiative in a series of Exchanges, Simpcw First Nation leaders are confident that the self-governance initiative is heading in the right direction.
“ThoughtExchange does [the analysis] in moments, and that’s really a time-saver. I can be really efficient in terms of how I can write a report because in some cases, I just pull it right off the dashboard.”

Nathan Matthew, Chancellor,
Thompson River University and former Chief of Simpcw First Nation

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ThoughtExchange Surveys

Save time and money on multiple engagement and data analysis tools

Through our surveys tool, you won't require an external survey platform—you can run surveys alongside your Exchanges from one platform. Whether you need quick quantitative data or more in-depth qualitative data—ThoughtExchange has all the methods needed to gather survey data and analyze the results.

The new survey tool offers a variety of question styles and types, including Likert scale, dropdown, comment box, and satisfaction score. Our top-tier analytics deliver visually engaging representations of survey data, eliminating the need for data visualization software. Leaders are empowered to dive into the findings themselves—no data science degree required.

ThoughtExchange Surveys allow you to:

  • Collect benchmark comparisons while tracking and measuring improvements over time
  • Gather quality quantitative data for reporting to state or federal agencies or your constituents
  • See how survey answer groups overlap and identify outliers in Exchange data
  • Gather qualitative comment box data and leverage AI for instant analysis
  • Quickly import answer options with bulk upload and use branching to improve data quality
  • Easily export your data as CSV or a report to share with interested parties

We understand that, as a public sector leader, capital efficiency is key. The cost of adopting various engagement and data analysis tools can add up fast. By incorporating surveys and Exchanges directly into the ThoughtExchange platform, we are simplifying the process of community engagement and data collection and analysis—making it not only faster and more straightforward but also more cost-effective.

Using a combination of surveys and Exchanges, the leadership team at Christus Health implemented targeted strategies that enhance employee engagement and satisfaction and improve the patient experience. Learn More
“Our bedside registered nurse engagement pulse shows that our engagement index was 75, which is two points above the healthcare benchmark. This score is the highest we’ve ever had at Christus. So we really feel the thoughts we’ve gotten from [ThoughtExchange] are helping us drive this.”Lisa Reynolds, VP Change Management, Christus Health


1:1 interactions at scale

Interview (beta) is our AI-enabled qualitative feedback tool. It facilitates and automates one-on-one interactions with people in your community, allowing you to gain a profound understanding of their perspectives, all in a cohesive and comprehensive manner.

This approach provides valuable insights and paints a holistic picture of emerging themes, making it an invaluable asset in your public sector decision-making process.

“We're proud to bring these groundbreaking innovations to our customers today, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to enhance our platform's existing survey and collective intelligence capabilities. This critical evolution of our platform enables leaders to communicate with unprecedented speed, transparency, and inclusivity, fostering constructive dialogue and collaboration even in the face of polarization.”Dave Macleod, CEO ThoughtExchange

Elevated ThoughtExchange for the Public Sector— Now With AI

Collectively, these recent enhancements amplify the capabilities of our platform—allowing you to establish deeper connections with the people you serve, acquire invaluable insights, and garner support for positive change in your community.

Addressing complex issues such as equity, taxes, housing, services, and public expenditure is increasingly challenging for public sector leaders. That's precisely why ThoughtExchange’s commitment to innovation remains firm.

We are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that empower you to not only identify priorities and public sentiment but also foster meaningful connections in new and effective ways—capabilities that extend beyond the traditional boundaries of one-dimensional surveys or polls.

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Catherine Daly
Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Catherine is a professional writer based in Vancouver, B.C. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism (for passion), a master’s degree in marketing (to pay the bills), and has over 15 years of experience working with big tech brands like Adobe, Hootsuite, HP, Oracle, PayPal, and ThoughtExchange.

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