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ThoughtExchange helps education leaders onboard and accelerate new leaders in their districts and communities. Get insights from your team, students, parents, and other stakeholders to help new leaders get buy-in on day one.
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Using ThoughtExchange, you will:

Improve Talent Searches

Get stakeholder insights on the kind of leader the community needs to improve your search process.

Reduce Churn

Avoid early failure rates and mismatched placements by aligning on the role requirements and strategic imperatives.

Give Leaders a Head Start

With candid insights from staff, students, and the community, education leaders can craft better strategic plans from the get-go.

Tap into Collective Intelligence

ThoughtExchange applies collective intelligence and patented anti-bias technology to engage the entire field and provide leaders with the most realistic perspective on their business. Gather meaningful answers to time-sensitive, mission-critical questions faster than surveys or polls. It’s the magic of a single discussion with hundreds, even thousands, of people — all at once.

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Access Real-time Insights

Gathering field intelligence doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and you don’t need to wait for that next pulse survey. With ThoughtExchange, you can source ideas and diagnose and solve problems at the speed of business. Run simultaneous conversations across your organization and capitalize on your network deployment.

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Align Your Distributed Teams

Better buy-in and performance comes from crowdsourcing ideas with your employees. And our candid sharing and patented anti-bias technology gives your organization confidence that everyone’s ideas and perspectives are being considered equitably.

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What’s the cost of getting it wrong?

Hiring new education leaders, or moving them to new districts or positions, can be a gamble. Incorrect priorities, strategic mismatches, and perceived bias in the process can create community mistrust that takes years to recover from.

When the stakes and costs are this high, it’s easy to make the ROI argument for ThoughtExchange.

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Give new leaders a head start.

Imagine how much time could be saved if a principal, superintendent, or provost started their job already knowing what the community needs from its educators. And what if that information could be gathered in minutes, not months? That’s the power of ThoughtExchange. By building clarity around challenges and priorities, new leaders can engage with their communities faster, and demonstrate a real understanding of their needs.

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Achieve early wins and unlock sustained success.

Give your new leaders the key so they can start winning early and often. Instead of time-consuming town halls, 1:1s, district tours, etc., ThoughtExchange instantly taps into the community’s collective priorities. Analytics within the platform will instantly show areas of contention that need to be managed more carefully, and areas of agreement that can be acted on right away. Your new leaders–and their communities–will be set up for long-term success.

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“When new leaders join the company, we always recommend they do an Exchange with their group to gather information. Employees see it as a great way to get their thoughts on the table, and leaders gain key insights about issues they may never have known about. This sets leaders up to succeed in their new roles, right out of the gate.”

Arlette WatwoodManager, Talent Management, Performance & Employee Experience

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